Causes of Brain Drain

Causes of Brain Drain in Developing Countries. There are many causes of brain drain in developing countries. Brain drain refers to emigration of intellectuals such as researchers and university lecturers and graduates from their national setting to a different country. This emigration ranges from short term exchange programs to permanent relocation. When these intellectuals leave their countries, they disseminate knowledge in their new settlements while offering services there.

Brain drain has great impact in the developing countries. Today, some developing countries are exporters of different academic talent which is known as brain drain. This implies that developing countries are losing to the developed countries.

Today, developing countries are struggling to fund their education system and provide quality education to their citizens. It is unfortunate that brain drain is causing these country loses because they cannot benefit from the skills that they offer their scholars.

Many developing countries are at the risk of depleting their natural supply of the intellectual talent through brain drain. Several experts have conducted studies that bring out different reasons that can prompt individuals to leave their countries after pursuing their studies there.

One of the reasons that brain drain has been attributed to is personal interest or educational accomplishment goals of an individual. Some people pursue their careers in their mother countries and then leave the country after graduating from university to pursue further studies in the developed country. Eventually, these individuals get jobs there while studying and they are likely to settle there if they get well-paying jobs.

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Lack of employment in ones home country is also causing brain drain in the developing countries. There are engineers, physicians, academics and scientists who pursue their studies with barely enough resources. After completing their studies, these intellectuals may success for jobs in their countries without succeeding. Eventually, they will settle in the developed countries if they get jobs there.

Economic factors also cause brain drain in Africa. For instance, some learned personnel in developing country may be paid meager salary after many years of studying. This tempts them to seek employment from well paying countries. In most cases, they settle in the developed countries where they are remunerated well.

Other factors that cause brain drain in Africa include political instability in the home country of most intellectuals. If a country is not promising a better life to the intellectuals due to political instability, many of them will leave to seek employment in the development countries.

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